2019 Valley Fiber Arts Auction Closed May 4 with record breaking sales!

About The Quilts and the Artists


#1 The Way it Was (21 X 59) SOLD

Artist:  L. Boman 

What a perfect name for this quilt! But the 21X 59 measurements are wrong. She looks more like 38X24X36! 

This is a fun design by Laura Heine and re-imagined with these fabulous floral fabrics by Linda Boman. The piece is raw edge machine appliqued and machine pieced. It is a very intricate design as each of the flowers displayed on the quilt is cut from a different piece of fabric to create the illusion of the “perfect figure”. 

This quilt has been exhibited at local shows to the amusement and appreciation of the audience and now it’s ready to hang on your wardrobe door!



Artists: Saturday Morning Quilters 

This Red, White and Blue Beauty was made by a group of ladies. They call themselves the Saturday Morning Quilters. All of the materials are new and were donated for the purpose of creating something beautiful to be auctioned off today. 



#3 Effervesence (49 X 55) SOLD

Artist: Jeanne Huebert

This quilt artist used a technique known as Bargello for real visual impact. Bargello refers not to just a stitching technique, but also to motifs created by the change of colors in the stitches or fabric. Here the artist has created her own design and pattern from a piece of art that she admired. 

Jeanne has been a professional long arm quilter and garment maker. She donates her quilts to Cancer Support Groups in the San Fernando Valley and will use the proceeds from this quilt to continue her charity work. This is her first Auction Quilt. 


#4 The Stars at Night SOLD

Artist: Sharon Mountford

In this piece, Sharon has taken an historical pattern, the “6 pointed star” and revisited it using the “stack and whack” method of quilt making. Look carefully at this quilt. All of these blocks are unique, but cut from the same fabric. The Stack-n-Whack method creates quilt blocks that give a unique kaleidoscope design. 


#5 Flutterby Delight SOLD

Artist: Linda Boman 

This is a delightful all cotton, pieced quilt designed by Lella Boutique and brought to life by Linda Boman through her piecing technique and choice of colors and fabrics. 

Linda had this professionally quilted with a floral pattern.  The border and back highlight the theme throughout the quilt. 



Artist:  Karen Van Den Brink 

This lovely small appliqued wall hanging is the creation of our own Karen Van Den Brink, Auction Chair and past president of the Valley Quiltmakers Guild and the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association. She is a student of applique, learning from the masters: Marelene Peterman, Marguerite Heinisch and Zena Thorpe. 


#7 A Magical Day in the Neighborhood SOLD


Artists: Thursday Threaders 

This is a truly special collaboration. Five quilt artists came together with a single idea of “houses” and “trees” and designed and made this magical, one of a kind quilt.  It’s a great representation of the results one can achieve with a little creative collaboration.

Perfect for the one-of-a-kind child in your life.  


#8: One Block Wonder (48X66) SOLD

Artist: Shirley Maccabee

Shirley Maccabee brings us this creative expression of a modern quilt. She’s using several techniques to set off the three dimensional blocks in the corner. This is a terrific mid-century modern revival accent piece.


#9 Block Party (68X30) SOLD

Artist: Friday Friends

The Friday Friends Mini Group took this Christine Stainbrook design and made it modern and unique. Traditional block designs are set onto black fabric with vibrant colors and a flying geese border that doesn’t end.

This quilt was professionally long arm quilted by Francine Rice. 


#10 Whimsical Barnyard Friends (41X52) SOLD

Artists: Nimble Thimbles

This is another wonderful collaboration of a group of quilters working together in a mini-group. 

Doug Sobel of Quilt Hero, a professional long arm quilter,  who has been recognized for his excellence at several shows brought this charming piece to life.   This is an Amy Bradley design and perfect for a child’s room or classroom. 



Artist: Carol Hicks 

This Arlene Stamper and Melissa Harris design is beautifully recreated by Carol Hicks. Carol does not often show off her work, but she is known to be an expert with needle turn applique, a hand sewing technique that gives her quilts a soft and natural appeal. This piece is HAND APPLIQUED and HAND QUILTED.  The workmanship is beautiful. Artist: Carol Hicks 


#12 Song Birds (69X69) ARTIST: Sue Rasmussen SOLD

Artist: Sue Rasmussen 

Up for Auction  is a wonderful piece by the professional Quilt Artist, Sue Rassmussen. Sue has won many awards including the renowned Houston Quilt Festival and the Pacific International Quilt Show.

The border on this quilt is one of her trademark Asymmetrical Flying Geese patterns. A design that she invented and a technique she teaches. Sue is past president of the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association and has taught around the world. Her favorite spot to teach is at Quilt Fest in Paris. 

It’s very rare for Sue to auction a quilt as her work is much in demand. We are grateful that she has made this for us! 


#13 Whale Watching SOLD

Artist:  Sandra Jewett

Sandy Jewett is the president of the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association and an avid quiltmaker.   She is an ambassador for this form of folk art.   She's also a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. 

Sandy put her scientific mind to work making this quilt as she pieced the back of this ambitious work BY HAND using 1/8” stitches. She then followed the pattern by machine.

This beautiful piece of modern quilt making is her rendition of an Elizabeth Hartman design.


#14 Snail in a Storm SOLD

Artist:  Sharon Mountford

This is a vivid piece that highlights two historical patterns:  Snails Trail which was first published in 1928 and Storm at Sea designed by Eveline Foland for the Kansas City Star in 1932.  

Sharon is a prolific quilter and uses historical patterns or blocks in most of her designs. 


#15 Improv in Green and Yellow (56X80) SOLD

Artist: Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald of the Simi Valley Quilt Guild is treating us to a great example of “haphazard blocks”. She uses an improv technique that gives us a planned design that looks completely random, but is highly organized.  This is a marvelous use of scrap fabrics and a great expression of Chris’ individual style and creativity. 

Chris has exhibited her work at guild shows throughout the valley, and at the Ontario Museum of History and Art .


#16 Calendar Baskets (68X68) SOLD

Artist: Judy Ragan

Judy Ragan is a best of show winner and has made and shown her quilts extensively throughout Southern California.

Judy has been called upon to make quilts for fabric manufacturers to highlight their beautiful fabric through her amazing designs.  This major work, Calendar Baskets, is such a quilt,  designed to highlight the fabric at the request of the manufacturer. 

It has been shown extensively, but never used. Please consider the extremely difficult borders and corners that meet exactly where required. This is a beautiful quilt with a wonderful history to share. 


#18 Star Bright (41X42) SOLD

Artists: The Sew and Sews 

Now that you’ve met Cheryl Cederquist’s curving Log Cabin, let’s get back to a contemporary yet straight laced version of this iconic pattern. 

Up for Auction now -  from one of our favorite Mini Groups – the Sew and Sews – is this fabulous wall hanging or lap quilt featuring log cabins and 8 pointed stars. 

Artist: Francisca Reynoso

This is an original design from Francisca, who lovingly pieced and machine quilted this large bed-sized quilt with her home sewing machine.  


#19 Pond Fun (38X28) SOLD

Artist:  Gail Blair

This is a fun design by McKenna Ryan and brought to life by Gail Blair. Gail settled on this intricate pattern while visiting Alaska. She remained true to McKenna Ryan’s vision using her fabrics and machine applique techniques. 

This is a terrific wall hanging for the nature lover. 


#20 Upsy Daisy (51X71) SOLD

Artist: Linda Boman

Our Guild President, Linda Boman, offers this beautiful "Valentina "design up for auction. All of Linda’s skills are on display here with machine piecing, machine and hand applique.  This quilt was professionally quilted by Vi Dale in Stover Missouri. 


#21 Swimming in Scraps (68X74) SOLD

Artist:  Chris McDonald

Scrap Quilts are much of what people believe to be the quintessential American quilt. As wagon trains moved across the prairie, we can imagine homesteaders cutting up old shirts and dresses and re-purposing these scraps of fabrics to make bedding for the family. The different patterns that they created are the foundation of pieced quilts today. 

Chris McDonald brings us this wonderful example of the modern scrap quilt. Today, scraps quilts are mainly made from excess fabric of other quilts.  Chris finds herself with too many piles of Batiks and put those pieces to use in this amazingly creative Modern Scrap Quilt. 


#22 Quilt #1 (42X55) SOLD

Artist:  Linda Liebon 

Here’s another Fanciful Scrap Quilt. This is a Nany Rink Design. Brought to life by Linda Liebon who used Jelly Roll fabric cuts to create this contemporary quilt. 


#23 Color Me Happy (44X56) SOLD

Artist:  Dawn Daymude 

Dawn Daymude brings us “COLOR ME HAPPY” – a very fitting name for a very colorful cotton rainbow.  Who wouldn't be happy looking at this quilt on a gloomy day!

Dawn is the past-president of the Simi Valley Guild and she is also a noted quilt artist having won first place at the Ventura County Fair and a Best of Group quilt. She has exhibited extensively in Simi Valley. 

Dawn makes quilts with 4 ingredients: fabric, batting, thread and love. 


#24 Vintage Rouge (70X70) SOLD

Artist:  Carol Hicks

Here we have another masterpiece by Carol Hicks. This full sized bed quilt is a design from Bloom Creek. Carol has masterfully HAND APPLIQUÉD and HAND QUILTED this beautiful piece. This isn't just a quilt, it’s an heirloom.  


#25 Crayola Challenge (37X37) SOLD

Artist:  Phyllis Jones

Phyllis is a best of show winner and has exhibited at the Ontario Museum of History and Art. Phyllis is giving us a little bit of history on quilting and on quilt shows with this charming piece. 

This beautiful wall hanging was made as a "challenge quilt". Quilt show organizers often challenge guild members to use a particular block design, fabric or theme in a quilt. You’ll find such a challenge at the Quilting In the Valley Quilt Show.  

The block in this quilt is the Kansas Troubles Block. This block design was first featured in the “Ladies Art Company” in 1897.  Phyllis made this pattern current with lively blues and yellows.



#26 Spooky Delights (65X78) SOLD

Artist:  Phyllis Jones  

Once again, Phyllis Jones, teaches us that everything old is new again! The block used in this piece is the churn dash pattern, first introduced on 1929. It's hardly recognizable, as it has lost its asymmetry in this Halloween inspired quilt. 

Phyllis acquired these blocks in a “block party”. This is an event that challenges guild members to make a block with a specific pattern and bring it a guild meeting. The members who have made a block are given a raffle ticket and the winner of that drawing wins ALL of the blocks collected. Phyllis created this wonderful modern piece with blocks made by many different hands. The quilting is fabulous. It’s done on a long arm by Georganna Hawley. 


#27 Flowers (35X35) SOLD

Artist:  Dottie Cincis

Dottie Cincis offers us her interpretation of an Edyta Sitar design. Dottie is an expert machine applique artist and her intricate work and craftsmanship are on display with this wall hanging. 


#28 Vintage Modern Hexagon (29X47) SOLD

Artist: Georganna Hawley

Many of  Georganna Hawley's work is on display at this auction as this long arm quilter is in great demand.  Georganna loves to re-purpose textiles and in this piece she has taken hexagons from vintage quilts – that were otherwise discarded, and designed a quilt to honor their style and history. This is true vintage modern and in a world where everything seems disposable, how nice to honor the work of our predecessors by creating something new and beautiful. 


#29 Regal Lion (42X57) SOLD

 Artist:  Judy Ragan 

In this charming piece, Judy Ragan has taken this friendly beast from the book “Patch Pals Patterns” and crowned him the king of patchwork. This wall hanging (or kids quilt) is beautifully made with each piece of cut fabric sewn and placed precisely to create the lion standing tall in his green kingdom. The quilting is whimsical with butterflies in the corners. This is a fun and finely made quilt perfect for any child with a lion's heart.