2019 Valley Fiber Arts Auction Closed May 4 with record breaking sales!

MORE Quilts and Artists


#31 A Quilter's Garden (74x94) SOLD

Artist: TGIF and Carol Hicks

This is another fabulous effort by a Mini-group. You can see the benefits of coming together to show and share in this lovely piece.   The TGIF Mini Group members machine pieced the blocks and put the top together and Carol Hicks HAND QUILTED this charming piece. The quilt design is by Lynette Jensen. 

Hand Quilters are rare these days. We are fortunate that we have this expertise resident in our guilds and that Carol Hicks is willing to share this skill with us. 


#32 A Truncated Diamond (29x29) SOLD

Artist:  Sharon Mountford  

This is an amazing use of scrap fabrics in an original design by Sharon Mountford. Sharon’s background is as a research scientist and teacher.  She has taken a fall color pallet and brought it to life using pieces of oranges and browns from her stash. This is beautifully machine quilted by the artist and makes for a festive wall hanging! 


#33 Cabin in the Sky (33x33) SOLD

Artist: Sharon Mountford

The Log Cabin Quilt Block was not introduced until the 1933, but it appears in so many of our most treasured quilts that it seems much older. Here Sharon Mountford utilizes the traditional placement of the log cabin blocks to create a star design in the center. 


#34 Whimaway (62x62) AVAILABLE

Artist: Sharon Mountford

This African inspired “stack and whack” quilt is up for your consideration in the auction.  This technique uses just ONE fabric to create multiple kaleidoscope designs. This is an excellent example of this technique. The white fabric backing the blocks are the only fabrics that actually change. The interior pinwheels are all made from the same fabric shown on the border of this quilt. This is a wonderful use of fabric and creates a beautiful and intricate design. 


#35 Quilt #2 (42x55) SOLD

Artist:  Linda Liebon  

Linda Leibon presents this Nancy Rink design in wonderful stone and natural wood fabrics with a nod to the mid-century modern revival. This is a beautifully crafted piece and brings together all of the natural elements we see in homes today. 


#36 Southwest Cactus (68x68) SOLD

Artist:  Dawn Daymude

Simi Valley Quilt Guild Past President, Dawn Daymude, is very reserved and doesn’t like blowing her own horn. But – that’s why we are here. 

Dawn has won the Ventura County fair and she exhibits extensively throughout the Simi, San Fernando and Conejo Valleys. She’s been inspired by her aunt making beautiful quilts – and seeing them in movies and in homes. This is an art form that Dawn began in order to share with others and she’s doing just that by auctioning off this magnificent southwest inspired quilt. 


#37 Trees Landscape (33x39) SOLD

Artist:  Sue Rasmussen

This is another wonderful wall hanging by Sue Rasmussen, professional quilt designer, teacher and lecturer. This piece has crossed the pond with Sue. She made this original work for a class she taught in the UK. 

This quilt is machine pieced, machine quilted to enhance the landscape and is one of a kind. 


#38 HELP! I'm going in circles! (39x39) SOLD

Artist: Zena Thorpe  

Zena Thorpe is a member of the Master Quilter's Guild. She is internationally known and named one of 30 Distinguished Quilters of the World by Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. She has published three books and won Best of Show Awards at AQS Paducah, IQA Houston, World Quilt (twice), PIQF Santa Clara, Road to California and the British Patchwork Association show. 

She has taught classes and held seminars, but her true love is to design and create.   Zena is a treasure and we are honored to have one her original pieces here for auction. 


#39 Blue Skies (76x78) SOLD

Artists: Rosemary Kent and Betsy Farwell

Rosemary Kent (past president of the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association) and Betsy Farwell came together to create this piece specifically for the auction. These are linear lines that create a floral effect in cool blue tones. It’s machine pieced and quilted. The design is from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. 

This is a very cool modern design made by two prolific quilt makers. 


#40 Pretty Preppy Puppies (45x60) SOLD

Artists: Linda Boman and Jeri Kennedy 

This quilt is a collaborative effort by the Co-Presidents of the Valley Quiltmakers Guild. Their individual work has won Best of Show and Viewer’s Choice awards .They have each exhibited throughout the United States and been acknowledge for their beautiful handwork. 

This quilt represents what two good friends can accomplish while sewing and attempting to solve the problems of the world. 


#41 Cocky Blocks (32X39) AVAILABLE

Artist:  Julia Fikse  

This is a wonderful example of the mid-century revival impact on modern quilting.  Julia Fikse, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, created this original design from cotton, plastic and silk .  The piece  shimmers with  modern vibrant colors. This is a fabulous example of quilting in today’s technical world. 


#42 North Star (63x63) SOLD

Artist: Hazel Wetts 

This is a true log cabin quilt with vintage appeal. There are more than 1,400 individual pieces of fabric in this quilt.  Hazel made a fresh representation of this old historic quilt pattern by choosing coordinating fabrics from many collections. 


#43 Bears Night Out (36x47) SOLD

Artists:  Linda Boman and Jeri Kennedy

This is a whimsical Children’s quilt with a design element that often goes unnoticed.  To ensure that each bear received attention, they were "fussy cut" (measured and cut exactly) and pieced into each of the little vignettes. This requires skill and composition. 

This is a great piece for a person who adores the spooktacular holiday!


#44 Whisper (60x88) AVAILABLE

Artist: Michele Pease

This is a thoroughly modern piece made primarily from the “Grunge” line of Moda fabrics. Michele Pease has never entered a quilt show or put a piece up for auction, despite her prolific quilting habit. This is a first for Michele and the Fiber Arts Auction. A truly beautiful piece skillfully made.


#45 Red, White, Blue Scraps (65x77) SOLD

Artist:  Chris McDonald

Here’s another amazing use of scraps. Chris McDonald has made a thoroughly modern design by off setting the vertical lines and "four patch" scrap blocks. This is an original design by Chris and a wonderful tribute to all of our foremothers who saved scraps of fabric from favorite dresses and sewing projects and made something special from them. 


#46 Evening at Home (68x63) SOLD

Artist: Linda Boman

Here is a modern approach to the "schools house block"by Linda Boman and "Esch House Quilts'.  It's beautifully pieced and professionally quilted. 


#48 Re-Imagining Flower Baskets SOLD

Artist:  : Georganna Hawley 

Georgeanna uses vintage orphaned blocks to treat us to an amazing display of long arm quilting. 


#49 Labyrinth (40x40) AVAILABLE

Artists: The Tuesday Floozies

This quilt was inspired by a Jill Findley design and a lecture on color in the modern era by Julia Fikse, AQS Quilt Appraiser.  This quilt shimmers with bright appliqué on a subtle and understated background.  


#50 Soccer Fun (56x70) SOLD

Artist: Debi Drake
This quilt is an original design by Debi Drake who chooses to make sports themed quilts to be donated for charity.  Debi pieced this and created the quilting design.  She is donating the proceeds from this auction to the quilt guilds.  


#51 Rainbow Love (72x80) SOLD

Artist: Francisca Reynoso

This is an original design from Francisca, who lovingly pieced and machine quilted this large bed-sized quilt with her home sewing machine.  


#52 Sassy (48x58) AVAILABLE

Artist: Debi Drake
This quilt was inspired by the Sassy fabric collection from Quilting Treasures.  The pattern is by Studio 8 and Debi completed this as a challenge with three friends using the same fabric collection.  This is a vivacious modern piece with all proceeds going to the quilt guilds.   


#53 Pick Up Sticks (63X86) SOLD

Artists: Modern Mini Group

This vibrant and interesting pattern is an original design inspired by a Victoria Finlay Wolfe design.  

This is expertly made and the machine quilting is exceptional. 


#54 Poppies and Polka Dots SOLD

Artist: Jeanne Huebert

This is a wonderful representation of  whimsical machine appliqué with a lovely and subtle color scheme.  Beautifully long arm quilted by the artist. 


#55 A Bouquet (20x39) SOLD

Artist: Lois Christianson

This is a beautiful original wall hanging designed and made by Lois Christianson.  Its charm is reminiscent of the newswrapped bouquets one might purchase from a flower stand.  Lois is wonderfully creative and a sensational machine quilter.  


#56 Cloudy Day Blossoms (60x84) SOLD

Artist: Laurie Maas  

This warm and wonderful pattern has been hand appliquéd and machine quilted by Laurie Maas.  Laurie has shown her work at local shows and fairs. She’s been quilting for more than 60 years and is hopeful that the new owner of this quilt will enjoy it as much as she did making it. 


#57 Stained Glass Deco (43x57) SOLD

Artist: Dottie Cincis

Dottie Cincis is a five-time Viewer’s Choice winner. This intricate pattern is a design by “Morning Glory” and could only be made by a proficient quilter with amazing attention to detail. Dottie has exhibited locally, always demonstrating impeccable style and craftsmanship. This beautiful piece is no exception. 


#58 Buzzing Bees (27x42) SOLD

Artist: Sue Singer
This delightful piece was made by Sue Singer, past president of the Simi Valley Quilt Guild, using the English paper piece method, machine piecing and hand applique.  This is a Jacquelynne Steve's pattern masterfully executed by an avid quilter and quilt teacher.