2019 Valley Fiber Arts Auction Closed May 4 with record breaking sales!

Membership and Attendee Profile

Why sponsor the Fiber Arts Auction

Our members and attendees are your clients and customers!

The Valley Fiber Arts Auction and related Quilting in the Valley Quilt Show draws more than 1000 attendees from the local communities of the San Fernando and Simi Valleys over a two day period.   

Members and Attendees are active in their communities and thought leaders in the organizations and charities they support.  Most members are active in more than one charitable organization.  They are primarily active college educated women, over 55, living in an empty nest in their retirement years.  The majority have at least one pet (usually a rescue) and we have found that the most sought after items in the Quilting in the Valley Quilt Show Boutique are homemade pet toys and accessories.  

Our members are computer literate and enjoy emailing with friends and following favorite blogs and on-line classes. They shop on-line but prefer to shop locally to "touch and feel" the inventory as long as the location is convenient.

Our members and attendees are long time residents of their communities and have deep relationships with the people and businesses therein.  They are extremely loyal and share information freely among the membership. 

They actively refer friends and acquaintances to professional service providers (CPAs, Atty's and Investment Advisors), home service specialists (particularly home repair) healthcare specialists (MDs, DPTs, Home Nursing Care, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists) and pet support professionals (Veterinarians, Dog Groomers and Pet Sitter).   

While the Auction is just one part of the two day event,  your signage and ad in the program will be seen multiple times throughout the weekend.  A sponsorship will insure that you are linked to our members and to their community.